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Xayapheth Chaphichith

Xayapheth Chaphichith

Assist. Prof. Dr. Xayapheth Chaphichith

is a former Vice-Dean Faculty of Letters, National University of Laos. Now, he is designated as Deputy Director for Programme and Development at Southeast Asisa Ministers of Education Organisation Secretariat (SAEMEO Secretariat). His background knowledge is English language Teaching, Applied Linguistics, Educational Planning and Development, and Education Sciences emphasising governance and management in higher education. Dr. Xayapheth is also the lecturer of MA in Lao Language, Lao Literature, TEFL, and English for Communication and Management.

His experience includes curriculum development, and thesis writing supervision. With his research team, Dr. Xayapheth has conducted his research project on An Experimentation of E-Learning English Course Development and Application at Secondary Schools through Smartphones. The context of his research project covers all parts of Lao PDR in four phases (1, 2, 3, and 4) continuously from 2017-2022. He also became a research network member for ASEM Education and Research Hub for Lifelong Learning (ASEM LLL Hub).

Now, Dr. Xayapheth is working closely to the Southeast Asia Primary Learning Metrics. He expects to see more evidence of the assessment, and move forward to solve the problems and challenges indicated in the results of the assessment.

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