Transformation Stories

What is a Transformation Story?

We constantly tell stories about ourselves, both personal and professional. Narrative is a powerful means of gaining insight into the connections between past and present, and implications for the future. Individuals and institutions alike progress organically, often in ways that would have been impossible to predict, but can be perceived in retrospect when we tell our stories. At TransformELT we believe in the power of narrative to discover those significant moments, interactions and experiences that have triggered professional change.

Transformation Stories


Whether change for you has been a single event or a process of gradual assimilation and accommodation, telling your transformation story and sharing the stories of others can help you understand the way you think about your professional history and how it has informed your current practice. Tell us your Transformation Story. Send a video link, text file or graphic to

BLISS Project

English for All in Bihar

English for All in Bihar …

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Anninha Almeida

Anninha’s Story

Anninha’s Story I’ve always been …

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Elena Oncevska

Elena’s Story

Elena’s Story: What not to …

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Julie Wallis

Julie’s Story

Julie’s Story: Developing Your Institution …

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Claudia Ferradas

Claudia’s Story

Claudia’s Story: An Unplanned Career …

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Emily Curran

Emily’s Story

The Trials and Tribulations of …

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