The TransformELT Approach

The Transform Approach

We aim to equip individuals within an education system with the knowledge and skills necessary to enable the whole system to develop autonomously. Generating sustainability across complex systems involves a highly participatory approach to change initiatives. We believe that the best way to enable large-scale changes across a system is to engage individuals in a series of dialogues that help them to understand fully and believe in the changes proposed, and take direct actions that are significantly different from what was happening before. This also involves our project managers understanding how the changes will impact on the individuals concerned across multiple roles within the education system. Ensuring that all relevant perspectives are taken into account during planning, implementation and evaluation of the proposed intervention is key to success.

While we acknowledge that there are similarities across education systems, each individual organisation has its own structure, character, procedures and processes. We explore this in depth before and during needs analysis to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of the context within which we are working. This contextual approach ensures that changes proposed fit the education system and the individuals that constitute it.

Embedding monitoring and evaluation procedures into all stages of the project ensures that information is fed back to participants, consultants and project managers so that modifications can be made to the project in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Ensuring that key baseline data is collected at the outset creates benchmarks from which we can measure success. Although these can often be concrete indicators that can be easily observed and counted, this is not always the case. More subtle changes can be uncovered with close observation and a more qualitative approach to data gathering and analysis. We use a ‘mixed methods’ approach at all stages to monitor the progress of the project and to evaluate outcome achievement levels.

For each project, we carefully select individuals from our extensive network of consultants. These highly qualified professionals have the skill sets required to equip change process participants with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve the desired change across the system. Once constituted, the project team is structured in different ways at different points in the project. Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and we endeavour to ensure that there is detailed communication between team members so that everyone has a clear picture of how the project is progressing and what needs to be done to enable successful delivery.

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