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Tanya Pugliese

Globe Mentor Tanya Pugliese

My Background

I’ve been working in TEFL for over 30 years. I’m a Trinity, Cambridge and IELTS examiner, a CELTA tutor, an ELT course book author and a University lecturer based in Italy. I also teach English online so that I can continue to practice what I preach! I have a MSc in ELT Management and I completed my Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults (DTEFLA) in 1995.

My Work Experience

I enjoy working with students and both aspiring and experienced teachers to develop their skills within challenging contexts. My first teaching positions were in Italy as part time work to pay for my studies, but since then I have spent most of my working life in the Middle East and North Africa, more specifically Israel, Syria, Tunisia, Morocco and Bangladesh. I’ve worked with various publishers such as Macmillan, O.U.P., C.U.P., The Content Station and Cengage Learning on developing EFL textbooks for adults and young learners at all levels.

My Areas of Interest

I am particularly interested in:

  • teacher training
  • supporting teachers in low-resource environments
  • the challenges faced by Italian learners of English

Why Globe?

Why did you decide to become a Globe PLC mentor?

Globe is unlike any other site as it brings together ELT professionals interested in a variety of aspects of the trade and aims to provide users with concrete takeaways which they can use in their working environment.

What can people expect from the Teaching Low-level Adult Learners PLC?

  • discussions about the main issues and opportunities and challenges we have as teachers working with these students.
  • recommendations for useful resources at this level (e.g. teaching materials, textbooks, methodology books, journal articles)
  • tips for teaching techniques and activities supported by classroom evidence and/or academic research.
  • ideas on what works for the learner.

Why would you encourage people to join Globe?

This is a community-driven platform so the needs and interests of all members will decide the direction in which this site develops.  The discussions and related materials will ultimately enable interested members to further their own professional development, such as giving a workshop for other teachers in their educational institution, carrying out their own classroom research, presenting at a conference or even working towards the publication of their own teaching materials.

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