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Rosie Tanner


Rosie Tanner

I am a British freelance consultant in CLIL, (video) coaching and English language teaching, living and working in Amersfoort, a pretty mediaeval town in the Netherlands.

My work

Making real connections with people – that’s what work is about for me. Connecting in order to develop professionally – in education. I train teachers and trainers, write and coach. I have been involved in English language teaching, teacher development and writing throughout my career, and in CLIL in the last two decades. I have worked at three universities in the Netherlands and have been freelancing since 2012. My two latest publications are CLIL Skills, available as a free download and CLIL Activities.

I work in many countries and contexts with teachers, trainers and managers in secondary and higher education institutions to support them in their development. In the past few years, for example, I have worked as a teacher trainer and materials developer in (in alphabetical order!) China, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. I run a year-long CLIL train-the-trainer course and train CLIL coaches, live and, these days, also online.

My training style

My training style is facilitative, professional and personal, enthusiastic and engaging: you don’t sit still and you take ideas home that you can use tomorrow. My drive is supporting people in their own learning and development.


When I’m not working, I run (a bit), do yoga, dance tango, play piano and work daily for 5 minutes in my square-foot garden.

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