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Rosie Tanner


Rosie Tanner

is a British freelance consultant in CLIL, (video) coaching and English language teaching, living and working in Amersfoort, a pretty mediaeval town in the Netherlands.

Her work

Making real connections with people – that’s what work is about for her. Connecting in order to develop professionally – in education. She trains teachers and trainers, write and coach. She have been involved in English language teaching, teacher development and writing throughout her career, and in CLIL in the last two decades. She has worked at three universities in the Netherlands and has been freelancing since 2012. Her two latest publications are CLIL Skills, available as a free download and CLIL Activities.

She works in many countries and contexts with teachers, trainers and managers in secondary and higher education institutions to support them in their development. In the past few years, for example, she has worked as a teacher trainer and materials developer in (in alphabetical order!) China, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. She runs a year-long CLIL train-the-trainer course and train CLIL coaches, live and, these days, also online.

Her training style

Her training style is facilitative, professional and personal, enthusiastic and engaging: you don’t sit still and you take ideas home that you can use tomorrow. Her drive is supporting people in their own learning and development.


When she isn’t working, she runs (a bit), does yoga, dances tango, plays piano and works daily for 5 minutes in my square-foot garden.

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