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Rama Mathew

Rami Mathew

Rama Mathew

is an ELT consultant and retired as Professor of Education from the University of Delhi where she was also Dean of the Faculty of Education. She taught at the EFL University (Hyderabad) for several years. She was Head of the Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit of English in Action project in Bangladesh. She has been involved in several teacher development and assessment projects, and published articles and books in the area. She was a lead mentor for ARMS (Action Research Mentoring Scheme) and for ELTRMS (ELT Research Mentoring Scheme), both British Council funded schemes. She has just completed work on a project in Sierra Leone where she supported teachers to carry out classroom based research. Her research interests include language assessment, teaching English to young learners, CPD of teachers, multilingual education and making English accessible to learners online. 

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