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Paul Ashe

Paul Ashe (1)

Paul Ashe

has been involved in different areas of ELT since 1997. He has experience in ELT materials writing, Teacher Training (online and face-to-face), Educational Consultancy and Academic and Business Management. He also has experience in marketing, is SEO and SEM qualified and has experience in and has given talks on UX Design.

As a teacher trainer he has helped State and Private School teachers around the world in conjunction with their respective Ministries of Education and international organisations. He has trained teachers on courses such as Business Management, Academic Management, Online Tutoring, Initial Teaching Certificate, Business English Teaching and Customer Service. He is also a portfolio moderator for these courses and a DELTA tutor for the ELT Management module.

Paul has some experience editing and extensive experience in materials writing and Educational Consultancy for several publishers including Cambridge University Press, Macmillan, Pearson, York Press, and Richmond for both primary and secondary levels in print and digital formats.

Paul is a speaking examiner for two major examining boards and is certified and experienced in teaching Young Learners and CLIL. He is also a certified Google Educator, Moodle Admin and trained in Avallain.

Paul is a lifelong learner and enjoys being able to help others in their learning journey. You can read more about Paul and even see him helping others here: https://sites.google.com/view/paulashecv/home

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