CAMELTA in Cameroon

Teaching and training ELT practitioners in Cameroon, like other low-resource contexts, is primarily characterised by hierarchical structures that quickly breed a fixed cycle of teaching and learning. In this kind of situation, it becomes very challenging to change directions since practitioners are comfortable in the way they already do things. Having experienced this on the ground, and tested the value of conferences in creating awareness of the effects of robust practices, the CAMELTA Research Group conceived of a conference theme that could provide further avenues for interaction on the possibilities for learning from practice. Experts in the field were invited to reflect on the theme in collaboration with practitioners and trainers in both Cameroon and Congo. TransformELT supported this conference during a difficult period for the group by sponsoring stationery, and covering travel expenses for the group’s next face-to-face meeting scheduled when travel restrictions allow.

 A report on the conference can be found here

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