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IATEFL Liverpool 2019


All three TransformELT Directors are speaking at this annual conference, on the following topics:

  • Sarah MountTransformational Leadership – Building a 21st Century Learning Organisation
  • Alan PulvernessBack to the Future: The Postmethod Condition Revisited
  • Alan Mackenzie –  Reimaging Bloom’s Taxonomy

Additionally, the following TransformELT consultants are also appearing:

Andy Hockley (Consulting Committee): How Much Does a Language Course Cost?
Gavin Dudeney (Consulting Committee): Disruption Ain’t What it Used to be: EdTech & ELT.
Aleksandra Zaparucha: Under One Roof: Considerations on Integrating Content and Language
Katy Kelly: Developing Emotional Literacy with Young Learners
Marjorie Rosenburg: Adding Spice to the Mix in the Business English Classroom
James Thomas: Collocation Plus

Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom
Dates: 02 – 05 April, 2019

Eaquals 2019

Eaquals 2019

TransformELT will be represented at this conference by one of TransformELT’s Directors:

  • Sarah MountWho am I? Building effective Brand Storytelling.

Location: Madrid, Spain
Dates: 11 – 13 April, 2019


Eaquals 2019

TransformELT will be represented at this conference by  Sarah Mount, one of TransformELT’s Directors.

Location: La Serena, Chile
Dates: 04 May, 2019

Africa TESOL

All three TransformELT Directors will be at the conference, delivering a session called: 

Building principled ELT development projects in multicultural settings: Case studies from Algeria, Ethiopia, Senegal & Côte d’Ivoire

Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Dates: 08 – 10 August, 2019

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