Photo courtesy of NATECLA

NATECLA Annual Conference - Nottingham, UK 2017

Achieving Excellence in Accreditation Inspections

At the recent NATECLA Annual Conference, Sarah Mount worked with a small group of leaders to demonstrate that through a structured process of self-evaluation over an extended period, existing working practices can be significantly improved and new practices established.

By the end of the workshop, the team had developed an effective and meaningful blueprint for institutional development to take away with them.

8 July 2017, NATECLA: National Association for Teaching English and other Community Languages to Adults


CA Institute International Language Symposium - Brno, Czech Republic 2017

How to Pass your Inspection with Flying Colours

In an increasingly competitive field, a successful inspections report can be utilised by an institutions to demonstrate its particular strengths and set itself apart from others in the sector.  In this talk, we looked at ways in which organisations can ensure they achieve the best possible results in Inspections, with particular reference to the British Council and Eaquals, and imagined that Inspections should be seen as opportunities for organisational development and growth, rather than potential threats to an organisation.    


DIT Briefing and Networking Event - October 2017

On 10 October Alan Pulverness attended a Department of International Trade (DIT) briefing and networking reception at The Institute of Engineers in London.    This event was held to showcase the Government’s focus on supporting the UK education sector to expand international export activity and to launch the DIT UK Skills Partnership, providing an integrated resource for TVET providers. Speeches by government ministers, Liam Fox and Mark Garnier (who has departmental responsibility for the education sector) highlighted what they foresee as new global trading opportunities for UK  trade post-Brexit. Geoff Gladding, Head of the DIT education team, also gave an overview of areas of the world currently the subjects of DIT High Value Campaigns.   The event was a good opportunity for gathering intelligence about world markets of particular interest to TransformELT, and also to make contact with DIT specialists and other organisations with a view to potential partnerships.  


The Language Show 2017 - BDC, London

In early October, Alan Puverness and Sarah Mount attended The Language Show at the Business Design Centre in London. 

Sarah's focus was on developing new partnerships, whilst Alan delivered a talk at the TEFL Forum entitled 'What is CPD?'. 

With a wide range of seminars, talks, features and classes, It was great to meet so many new friends in such a lively atmopshere.

Chris Rose

SkyTeach Conference 2018

 The Skyteach Conference was an ambitious affair, calling on speakers from a number of different countries to give talks to a wide-ranging public, mostly made up of secondary school teachers from the many different parts of Russia. While the webinar can seem a challenging format for some, its advantages are obvious: it enables people to listen to and take part in debates with a whole range of speakers from many different countries, without having to face the difficulties and expenses of travel – perfect from a huge country such as Russia. 

I’d opted to talk about changing English – new developments in the language, and how teachers can deal with this in the classroom. It’s clearly a huge subject, and not one that can easily be squeezed into thirty minutes. Given the constraints, I decided to look at just a couple of areas of language change, and attempt to outline some main principles for dealing with it. I try to make a webinar as interactive as possible, and the audience pitched in with enthusiasm as I asked questions and gave examples of some real-life examples of English usage which differ from standard grammars, then took a quick look at some business jargon and teenage slang. 

We kept on coming back to the three key concepts of context, register and appropriacy when deciding what to teach, or what to judge as ‘correct’ or not.  The audience left having learned at least one or two new expressions, but more importantly having had a chance to discuss their ideas, and consider some underlying principles of language change and classroom practice.                             C Rose                                                             

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