Past Projects

Past Projects show where we’ve worked since TransformELT was formed, and paint a picture of the variety of areas we work in. If you’d like us for your project, please contact us to start the conversation.

Morocco – Curriculum for pre-service English Teachers


TransformELT was commissioned to provide an evaluation of the current pre-service training offered to teachers by the Ministry of Education (working with British Council) and to then make recommendations for a new pilot curriculum.

The work was undertaken in full partnership with the MoE, with whom results were shared and jointly disseminated to stakeholders. The report took as its starting point the challenges in the current system as highlighted in a recent report and was further informed by the recommendations and outcome areas provided, focusing on:

  1. Improved EL educator capabilities (language)
  2. Increased use of technology
  3. Enhanced EL teaching practices
  4. Improved inclusion and equitable access
  5. Systemic enhancement & alignment
  6. Enhanced policymaking capacity
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