Past Projects

Past Projects show where we’ve worked since TransformELT was formed, and paint a picture of the variety of areas we work in. If you’d like us for your project, please contact us to start the conversation.

MENA – Online training programme for Communities of Practice (CoP) leaders


This online course for teacher educators across the 17 MENA countries addresses a number of key themes prioritised by British Council’s Teaching English global team. The overarching aims of the course were twofold:

  • To provide professional development for a cohort of CoP leaders
  • To create a limited cascade of best practice for CoP members

The course combined specialist input with application in participants’ own training contexts, comprising a series of six live training events, each led by one of Transform ELT’s team of consultants, who are specialists in their respective fields.

The overarching aim of the course was to develop participants’ awareness of a range of leading issues in current language education and to enhance their competence and confidence as trainers by equipping them to design and deliver their own training sessions. Planning and preparation of these training sessions was scaffolded through remote mentoring by the consultant. Following each live session, there were two-week periods during which participants prepared, delivered, and reported on their training sessions, with support and feedback provided by the consultant using a WhatsApp (or Telegram) group. Participants were also required to supply evidence of the impact of their training on the teachers they are working with, and to reflect on the experience of applying their learning, creating a developmental feedback loop.

Each 90-minute training session explored a single theme:  

  • Teaching Young Learners
  • Teaching in challenging circumstances (low-resource contexts, large classes, equitable access to education)
  • Multilingualism, plurilingualism, decolonisation
  • Learner autonomy
  • Equality, diversity, inclusion
  • Embedding formative assessment
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