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MENA : British Council ‘How to…” guides for MENA Teacher Educators


Between December 2021 and March 2022, four Transform ELT consultants were commissioned by the British Council to write ‘How To…’ guides for teachers educators in the MENA region:

·      How can interventions that focus on (a) teacher motivation, (b) teacher                 identity and (c) teacher resilience be incorporated into programmes that               focus on more transactional pedagogical skills?  by Mark Almond

·      How can teachers best be encouraged to engage with research –                             published and their own practitioner enquiry?  by Daniel Xerri 

·      How can teacher associations best be assisted in supporting teachers to                engage with British Council digital content?  by Eric Ekembe

·      How can teachers best be supported in addressing the challenges associated       in teaching English to learners with special educational needs and                           disabilities?  by Phil Dexter

The guides were edited by TransformELT’s Alan Pulverness. The authors are all specialists in their field and each of the guides is informed by key sources in the literature, and by the results of the surveys conducted by the writers amongst teacher educators across the MENA region. The four guides, to be published online by the British Council later in 2022, will be launched in a series of webinars, in which the authors will introduce key concepts and discuss the influence of both their primary and secondary research on the writing of the guides


Check out one of The MENA Guides here (courtesy of Phil Dexter)

Check out the Supporting teachers to engage with english pdf document here. 


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