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Jonathan Hadley

My Background

I have worked in English Language Teaching for over 25 years as an English teacher, teacher trainer and curriculum/materials writer. I have MAs in Arabic and Islamic Studies and Applied Linguistics, as well as a Diploma in English Language Teaching, I now specialises in educational reform programmes, working with teachers, educational institutions and Ministries of Education. I am particularly interested in vocabulary teaching, literacy programmes and supporting educators working in low resource contexts.

Why Globe?

Why did you decide to become a Globe PLC mentor? ​

This is a great opportunity for me to share my interests and ideas about  teaching English as well as to hear from and learn from a diverse range of educators coming from all over the world. As a freelancer, mostly working from home, it can be quite isolating so this is a perfect venue for me to interact (albeit virtually) with fellow professionals. Many colleagues over the years have supported me in my teaching and training and this is a chance for me to “pass it forward”, supporting others.

What can people expect from the Teaching Low-Level Learners PLC? 

This PLC is a place for educators who are interested in teaching adult beginners to come together and share teaching strategies, idea and techniques that can best support adult learners. The growth of the site will follow the interests of its members but initially it’s a place to share resources, review materials aimed at our learners and to ask and answer questions about ELT methodology for this level. Importantly, we hope to share best practice and focus on what really works in the classroom, using evidence from our own experiences as well as latest research findings.

Why would you encourage people to join Globe?

It’s a unique online venue for educators to interact with others in the teaching world – literally “the world” as mentors and members come from all regions. There is a wide range of topics and interests: something to support you in your current teaching but also areas that you may never have considered before. This can not only spark your own interest and encourage you to pursue avenues that you might not have considered before, but will probably enhance your teaching skills and therefore ultimately be of benefit to your learners.

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