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Jill Coombs

Jill Coombs - Pic - June 2020

Jill Coombs

has spent her professional life working in the area of communication through theatre, film, TV and education. She has taught performance, drama, English language and literature at universities, colleges and schools in the UK, where she obtained an MA from Goldsmith’s College and a PGCE from the Institute of Education, University of London.
In 2002 Jill moved to Japan and has been based in Asia ever since. She currently lives in Malaysia. There she quickly established herself in ELT within a variety of educational contexts, including 12 years at a prestigious south east Asian educational company, serving the English language needs of local young learners. Her senior management roles as Headteacher and Regional Development Manager, gave her an insight into the educational systems in the region, and of the needs of students and teachers, in Malaysia in particular.
As an ELT teacher trainer and presenter Jill has worked extensively with a range of educational institutions in Malaysia, such as the Ministry of Education (MOEM), Open University (OUM), Trinity College London Malaysia and the Malaysian English Language Teaching Association (MELTA).
A globally mobile educational consultant since 2019, Jill has been involved in a number of ELT projects, including the British Council’s ‘Teaching for Success’ with primary teachers in Tunisia. Jill enjoys authoring and is frequently asked to custom write courses. She has recently completed a four level English through drama curriculum for use in China.

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