How are YOU Changing ELT?

Individuals and institutions alike progress organically, often in ways that would have been impossible to predict. Large changes come from small actions happening simultaneously in different parts of a system.Our global ELT system is as sensitive to  these changes as any other. Some ideas go viral and take off really quickly, while others are more of a slow burn. Still more come back in cycles, as if being constantly reborn.

Narrative is a powerful means of gaining insight into the connections between the actions of the past, the ideas of the present, and implications for the future, but with so many people around the world doing so many interesting things, the publishing system takes a long time to catch up. Innovation is a fast process and we need to capture these change stories it in a more immediate way. This page asks you to tell us what changes are happening in your professional life right now.

At TransformELT we believe in the power of narrative to discover significant moments, interactions and experiences that trigger professional change. Transformation Stories do this through reflection and with the benefit of hindsight. Change Stories capture what is happening now: the movements within our profession that will lead to transformation in the future.

Tell us how you are changing ELT today:

  • What are you doing differently?
  • What are you experimenting with?
  • What accidental discoveries have you made?

Feel free to comment on the Change Stories of others.

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23 thoughts on “IATEFL 2019”

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  13. Just stopping by… and I wanted to post because late last night I found a page writing about something nearly the same.The synchronicity wasfascinating I admit.

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