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Griselda Beacon

My Background

I am based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and hold an MA in Literature in English and Foreign Language Teaching from Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany. I have been working in the field of teacher education and Primary curriculum development for over 20 years. I am a co-author of Together (Oxford UP), a tailor-made English coursebook series for Argentina, and co-editor of the book International Perspectives on Diversity in ELT (Palgrave, 2021). I deliver teacher training workshops for several institutions, such as Oxford University Press in South America, NILE – Norwich Institute for Language Education in the UK, and I am currently mentoring the Young Learners Hub in Globe –TransformELT. Passionate about children’s literature, I love visiting schools for storytelling sessions, reads picturebooks with children, and carrying out projects with literature and art to foster creative reading, play, intercultural dialogue, diversity and inclusion in the English classrooms. I currently teach Children’s & Young Adult LiteratureCreativity, Drama Techniques and Play, Music, Dance and Literature in Pre-Primary Education at state-run Teacher Training Colleges in Buenos Aires.  

Why Globe?

Why did you decide to become a Globe PLC mentor?

I decided to become a Globe PLC mentor because I truly believe in the power of collaborative work to innovate and transform our teaching practice. The XXIst century has brought us together in virtual spaces and we have witnessed how the whole wide world has become a village. I am eager to be part of a community of teachers worldwide who share the same passion, teaching young learners, to explore together innovative ideas and resources as well as share our teaching practice experiences which spring from a great variety of teaching contexts.

What can people expect from the Teaching Young Learners PLC?

Teachers will certainly find a virtual space where they are encouraged to interact with other teachers from very diverse teaching contexts and cultures who, like themselves, also teach English as a foreign, additional or second language to young learners. Teachers will receive feedback when they share their teaching ideas, get inspired by other teachers’ experiences, get involved in pedagogical discussions about our field, transform and adapt teaching resources and strategies to meet their students’ needs. I hope our hub becomes a site teachers visit to find support and inspiration for their everyday teaching, a think tank for teachers to innovate and create teaching sequences and resourceful material. And I expect everybody to be active builders of this virtual space. It belongs to us all.

Why would you encourage people to join Globe? 

Because it is wonderful to belong to an international community of teachers and be part of a support group we can resort to anytime we need.

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