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Liam Browne

Globe Mentor Liam Browne

My Background

I have been ‘in’ learning and development all my working life. It’s been my world for four decades. I know it as an experienced ELT teacher, manager, trainer, writer and consultant. I worked all over the world for the British Council – the UK’s international organisation for education opportunities and cultural relations – for 29 years, latterly since 2002 as Learning and Development Manager for the worldwide English and Exams Strategic Business Unit. In that role I was responsible for designing and delivering business-wide learning initiatives and interventions for managers, teachers, examinations administrators, specialist and support staff.

Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, I now work independently with individuals, businesses and institutions around the world who want to build trust in leadership, pride in achieving quality work and real enjoyment of collegiality and teamwork. I am a committee member of IATEFL LAMSIG. I write and present on management, HR and KM issues … wherever I can!

Why Globe?

Why did you decide to become a Globe PLC mentor?

For the excitement to work with others who are trying to push the boat out a little, beyond the ordinary, in their professional and management skills development. This role of PLC mentor is very much in line with my continuing wish to collaborate widely where I can, (bringing my JASKs as a manager, trainer and facilitator) and hopefully make a difference.

What can people expect from the Leadership & Management PLC?

A lot of exciting discussions, mostly, though not only, on topics related to leadership, business management in ELT and human resource management …. plus an opportunity to test theory and practice (as in “it works in practice, but does it work in theory”?), enjoyment from working with like-minded people and a little joy in achieving something new, innovative and valuable to a wider audience.

Why would you encourage people to join Globe?

Nothing ventured nothing gained! and where else can you meet folks with the same goals as you these days?

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