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What is Globe?

Why Globe?

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How does Globe work?

The 3 Globe zones are arranged around the Globe hub – which opens communication and collaboration between the stages.

In addition to the 3 Globe zones, there’s a wiki and a co-constructed resource database

The Generator

The Generator is where initiatives form and develop, resources are worked on and resulting projects defined and designed.

Step 1

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a testing ground for members’ new ideas and products. Share drafts of courses, activities, books, or other products and receive feedback from the Globe community.

Step 2

The Transformer

The Transformer takes these ideas and helps members to make them commercially viable. 

After testing, TransformELT can help market these ideas to the public, or broker a licensing or publishing deal. This can provide a path for members to generate income from their ideas. We also provide a Moodle platform to help members build and deliver their teacher and language courses

Step 3

What benefits will I get from being a member of Globe?


This is a great space to make new socio-professional and socio-cultural contacts across the language teaching community
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Work Opportunities

Hear about the latest opportunities in our field and share work opportunities with other Globe members
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PLC Activities & Initiatives

Globe can guide your educational product through the commercial process. You can start, lead or join initiatives that explore aspects language teaching and learning.
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Globe gives you access to a wide range of resources with included peer-reviewed materials for use in the classroom.
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Take a free course - created by members for members. Create, Develop and launch your own language teaching or teacher training courses
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Raise your professional profile through membership of a recognised and respected organisation
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Proof of your PD Activities

The Globe mentor team are happy to provide a certificate that you can show to your employer or institution which acknowledges your participation in a goal-oriented activity or initiative.
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