Globe Communities of Practice

Globe Communities of Practice

Globe is a unique collection of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). As far as we are aware, it is the only place in the digital world where people can come together not only to talk and share ideas, but to then take those ideas from their conceptual beginnings through to a concrete product – either for use within the community or for commercial development. The ethos is that it is member-driven, and consultant-mentored. It will grow organically and be managed, but self-organising. When a need for a new community arises, we will create it. If one is dormant for an extended period of time, we can archive it until there is interest in reviving it. The important thing is that the individuals comprising Globe make those decisions through their participation.

Globe is made up of three components or ‘Zones’ as we call them:

  1. The Generator is where initiatives form and develop, resources are worked on and resulting projects defined and designed.

  2. The Sandbox is a testing ground for members’ new ideas and products. Share drafts of courses, activities, books, or other products and receive feedback from the Globe community.

  3. The Transformer takes teaching and learning ideas and helps members to make them commercially viable. Once tried and tested, TransformELT can help market these ideas to the public, or help to broker a licensing arrangement or publishing deal. We see this as a potential way for members to generate income from their teaching and training ideas. We also provide a Moodle platform for members to build and deliver their own teacher and language development courses.

These three components are arranged around a Hub that enables communication between these component parts. In addition to the three zones, there is a wiki and a resources database which will be co-constructed by Globe members. We hope you will be as excited by Globe as we are – we look forward to seeing you there.

Joining Globe

Because we believe that CPD should be available to all, Globe is offered free of charge to the wider ELT community – simply click on the ‘Join Globe Now’ button on the right and follow the process to register free of charge and enrol yourself in Globe.

If you are interested in Institutional Membership, please contact Sarah Mount smount@TransformELT.com 

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