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Eric Ekembe

Photo - EKEMBE - Feb 2020

Eric Ekembe

is lecturer in Applied Linguistics at The Higher Teacher Training College (ENS) Yaounde. He has been trainer and practitioner for the past ten years during which he has been very keen on how the organic nature of low-resource contexts conditions ELT procedures. His research focuses on postcolonial discourse and context-sensitive approaches to ELT. He has investigated (amongst others) interaction in large and low-resourced classes and has examined the responsiveness of centre-driven ELT methodologies in low-resourced Cameroonian ELT context. His recent research discusses his experience supporting practicing teachers in the CAMELTA Research Group to improve pedagogical practices based on understanding of local constraints. He has made presentations on ELT procedures and CPD in low-resourced contexts in local and international conferences. Eric was PCE plenary speaker at The Africa TESOL in August 2019 at the end of which he co-initiated the creation of Global Issues projects in secondary schools in different African countries.

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