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Emma Mojoko Evele


Emma Mojoko Evele

is a Certified Staff in charge of Research at the Regional Delegation of Secondary Education in Ebolowa-Cameroon. She works with inspectors to interpret and properly apply curriculum in ELT. She has moved from classroom teacher through head of department, English club master, course and project designer, national examiner, teacher trainer, course book writer to a designer of phonetic drill cards for beginning readers. With a career that spans over 22 years, she has co-authored several course books in Cameroon. On a yearly basis, she is solicited by EFL/ESL Pedagogic Inspectors to guide teachers in designing and using simple ELT materials. Working with over 100 teachers, she has produced an unpublished manual with over 50 activities for YL&T. She holds an M.A. in ELT with a Specialism in Multimedia from the University of Warwick-England.

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