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ELT Road Show Cuba, #InglesparaElDesarrollo 2022

Cuba 3 - week 2

Alan Mackenzie spent three weeks in Cuba Oct-Nov 2022 delivering a series of workshops for the British Council ELT Road Show Cuba #InglesparaElDesarrollo2022 help face to face in the different locations: Havana, Santa Clara and Cienfuegos.

This event is part of the capacity building actions for the teachers and students (teachers in training) of EFL agreed with the Ministries of Basic and Higher Education. This years main topic was the CEFR and the current methods, procedures, and approaches to the teaching of EFL.

In each location, Alan delivered a plenary session for each of the main universities in each district and a four-hour (2-hours each on two seperate days) workshop on taking a backward design approach to course planning using CEFR outcome statements as a base. In parallel, he conducted two-hour workshops for primary and secondary teachers in three location around each of the provinces on Making classrooms more dynamic.

In advance of the delivery, a set of materials to complement the workshop on the CEFR (A1 and A2 levels) and its use to develop and assess communicative skills were compiled. This included: Bibliography, articles, podcasts, pdf docs, and other resources that teachers could use when planning their lessons. The resulting booklet has been reproduced and will be used for free by all teachers in training in Cuba.

Teachers comments

Misleybi Abad

Hello my name is Misleybi Abad. I’m from Cruces. I think the Road Show was a very important and productive event. It’s a pleasure to share with teachers from different parts of our beautiful city and to know a British Expert. Now we pull into practice those activities that we learned there. Thank you everybody.

Francisco Cartava Amor

Rogelio Machado Santana

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