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Donna Tatsuki

Donna Tatsuki Profile

Donna Tatsuki

Donna TATSUKI, Ed.D., is a Professor Emerita at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies. Her research interests include the teaching of pragmatics, best practices in language teaching materials, the representations of gender/ethnicity in government-approved language textbooks, and descriptions of ELF-driven multi-party talk-in-interaction in MUN simulations. She is the editor/author of more than a dozen books, including Model United Nations Simulations and English as a Lingua France: New Perspectives on Best Practices (2021, Cambridge Scholars; with Lori Zenuk-Nishide), Pragmatics: Teaching Speech Acts (2010, TESOL) and Pragmatics: Teaching Natural Conversation (2011, TESOL; both volumes with NOEL Houck) and more recently, Innovations in the Teaching of Pragmatics (2022, JALT Pragmatics SIG). She has served as editor of JALT Journal and founded the Pragmatic Resources series for the JALT pragmatics Special Interest Group. She is currently serving as a Scientific Committee member for New Perspectives: A Journal of TESOL Italy

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