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David Hayes

David Hayes - photo

David Hayes

Dr David Hayes is a Professor of Applied Linguistics at Brock University, Ontario, Canada, Originally from the UK. He has an extensive experience of curriculum development, continuing professional development, teacher educator and teacher training programmes world, particularly in West Africa, South and Southeast Asia.

His current research focuses on equity in English language education with state education systems and understanding the conditions of work of teacher within those systems. His most recent books are ‘Early language learning in context: S critical socioeducational perspective’ (Multilingual Matters, 2022) and an edited collection ‘English Language Teaching in Nepal: Research, Reflection and Practice’ (British council, 2018). He has published widely on the continuing professional development of English Language teachers and is also interested in language education for peace-building, an interest which derives from a 6-year period working in Sri Lankan during its civil war. 

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