Core Values

Core Values


We are open and honest about everything we do. We take a principled approach to project development. All our internal company decisions, operating policies and structures are considered from multiple ethical perspectives including concerns about diversity, cultural appropriateness and participation. At all times, we operate with integrity and professionalism.


We believe it is only within a systematic framework that creativity can truly flourish. We are dedicated to developing innovative, contextually appropriate strategies for individual projects. We approach each new project in a spirit of exploration, with open minds and ready to remain flexible throughout. We are advised, through a Consulting Committee, by experts in the ELT industry. They each bring their unique knowledge, skills and dynamic perspective to the organisation, providing a sounding board for innovation and strategic direction.


From needs analysis, through project visioning, design and implementation, to monitoring and evaluation, we work closely with clients to ensure our approach is targeted and respects the multiple demands of specific contexts. We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our network of strategic partnerships enable us to consider transformation from a whole-system perspective driven by particular client needs. A deep and respectful understanding of the situations we work in provides a firm base for both personal and institutional development. Through our collaborative relationships with clients and partners we constantly seek reciprocal opportunities for professional learning.


We are based in the UK but have a growing international consultant network with expertise in all areas of ELT and multiple contexts. We also work with a strategic partnership network incorporating organisations around the world. Through mutual collaboration, we are able to adapt organically to rapidly changing contexts and work at multiple scales. Our expertise has developed through on the ground experience in over 60 countries.

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