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Agi Enyedi

Agi Enyedi

Agi Enyedi

has been working in teacher education with years of previous classroom experience as an English teacher. As a former tutor with the Eötvös University, Budapest, and more recently as a self-employed trainer and educational consultant, her responsibilities have always focused on ELT methodology, classroom skills, teacher development and support. She has also worked internationally with groups of teachers in multi-lingual and multi-cultural contexts.

During her career she has observed and given feedback on nearly 1500 lessons as a mentor. Coaching teachers allowed her to identify with the multitude of contexts teachers may work in, and learnt to start out from their issues to help them design individual development routes.

As a founding member and later committee member of the Hungarian English Teachers’ Association (IATEFL Hungary) she also gained experience in working with Teacher Associations for their members’ professional well-being.

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