We work with, support and partner with a wide variety of related organisations and service providers within and without the profession.

British Council

Alan Pulverness and Alan Mackenzie are both registered International Development Consultants with British Council and have extensive history or working on British Council English language teaching and education development projects.​


We are all individual members of Eaquals, and share the Eaquals mission to foster and deliver excellence in language education.


On September 8th 2011, NIES celebrated its 70th anniversary. 

In recent years, the National Institute of Education Sciences has made important achievement in the field of scientific and technological research. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Education, NIES has focused of the strategic and forward-looking studies in the main theoretical and practical issues which have arisen in the course of education reform and development, and thus contributed to state-level policy-making.


We all are all Senior Consultants for NILE – a world-leading centre of excellence, offering professional development courses for English language teachers, trainers and other education professionals.


We are proud to be supported by NWES – Providing total business support and encouraging enterprise in the East of England.​


We are all individual members of IATEFL. Sarah Mount sits on the Executive Conference Committee.​


We are proud to be supported by the Department of International Trade – promoting UK trade across the world

The Consultants-E

Our Award-winning Ed-Tech partner of choice. Helping major educational clients solve a wide range of challenges to successfully embed new approaches with educational technologies.  

Cambridge Assessment – English

“We help people learn English and prove their skills to the world”


Unimenta is for any practitioner who is delivering or wanting to deliver training that develops 21st century soft skills. We are experts in our field with lots of international management training under our belt, design of leading employability qualifications and we work as consultants to many government bodies and ministries of education.

Lexical Lab

Lexical Lab is Hugh Dellar and Andrew Walkley, experienced EFL teachers & teacher trainers and authors of two five-level series of General English course books, Outcomes and Innovations, as well as Teaching Lexically, part of Delta Publishing’s multi-award-winning teacher development series, and the Upper-Intermediate level of the Perspectives secondary course. Lexical Lab design courses and write materials to help students learn better; run face-to-face teacher- and language-development courses in London every summer; and blog at www.lexicallab.com, an online space for anyone interested in more lexical approaches to teaching and learning.​

ELT Consultants

We connect, We Teach, We Support. We’re an international language teaching consultancy group working with governments, organisationas and institutions. 

Copper Crayon

We are Copper Crayon. We create bespoke moving image. Bring your imagination to life with our service, tailored to you.

Africa ELTA

Africa TESOL is our strategic partner in sub-Saharan Africa and together, we are committed to supporting the development of African ELT teachers and collaborating on areas related to the sharing of practices and leadership development. 
Africa TESOL works to advance the ELT profession in Africa by supporting teachers to improve their ELT pedagogical and research practices.  


“Learn with International House and achieve your goals and ambitions “
You can trust the global network of International House schools to provide the expertise and support you need to succeed in a positive and enjoyable environment. Our schools are independently owned and managed and they are all committed to the very highest standards in language education face-to-face and online

NILE Online

NILE Online Approved Course Delivery Partners are endorsed by NILE to deliver NILE Online 8-week professional development courses as part of their own programmes and consultancies under their own terms and conditions.

University of Bath

A leading UK University with an international reputation for teaching and research excellence


We are a team of internationally renowned higher education professionals with several hundred years of collective experience working in cutting-edge research and innovative teaching

Our mission is to help you achieve your goals, with emphasis on improving quality. We believe that education should be both widely available and tailored to the local context so that is is fit for purpose


SB Associates

SBA was founded by its CEO, Steve Brent, to offer bespoke solutions to organisations in the language teaching and training sectors. The Associate model gives global reach through access to an extensive network of talented individuals and trusted partner organisations.



MediaRoc is an SEO and digital marketing company specialising in optimising local, national, E-Commerce websites. We’ve successfully collaborated with MediaRoc on various digital projects, and their expertise and knowledge bring significant value to our digital approach.

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