Alan Pulverness and Alan Mackenzie are both registered International Development Consultants with British Council and have extensive history or working on British Council English language teaching and education development projects.


We are all individual members of Eaquals, and share the Eaquals mission to foster and deliver excellence in language education.


An international educational ELT consultancy group, forming partnerships to support educational projects and create learning programmes that address local situations in culturally sensitive ways.


 We all are all Senior Consultants for NILE - a world-leading centre of excellence, offering professional development courses for English language teachers, trainers and other education professionals. 


We are proud to be supported by NWES - Providing total business support and encouraging enterprise in the East of England. 


We are all individuals member of IATEFL. Sarah Mount sits on the Executive Conference Committee.  


We are proud to be supported by the Department of International Trade – promoting UK trade across the world.


Our Award-winning Ed-Tech partner of choice. Helping major educational clients solve a wide range of challenges to successfully embed new approaches with educational technologies.  


McIlwraith Education is an education consultancy that helps governments and international organisations and agencies reach their education goals. They work across Africa, Asia, Central America, the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom. 


Lexical Lab is Hugh Dellar and Andrew Walkley, two vastly experienced EFL teachers and teachers trainers, and also the authors of two five-level series of General English course books, Outcomes and Innovations, as well as Teaching Lexically, part of Delta Publishing’s multi-award-winning teacher development series, and the Upper-Intermediate level of the Perspectives secondary course. Lexical Lab design courses and write materials to help students learn better; run face-to-face teacher- and language-development courses in London every summer; and blog at, an online space for anyone interested in more lexical approaches to teaching and learning.