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UK: Conlan School Organisational Review [ 2018 ]

TransformELT conducted an organisational review in order to enable a UK-based English language Institute in Chester to make the transition from founder leadership to growth leadership. Over a period of several months, Sarah Mount and Alan Mackenzie worked with Conlan Schools, focusing in particular on organisational structure and culture, academic leadership and management and knowledge transfer.

 Every member of the team was involved in the consultation to ensure that everyone was able to contribute equally and offer their own perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing the organisation during this period of change. In this way, we were able to lay new foundations for effective long-term strategic business development. This included the development of an Institutional Learning & Development Plan (IDP) & Expansion Strategy.

United Kingdom

Thank you very much for your institutional review. TransformELT have provided a detailed assessment of the business and have provided key recommendations for change across the organisation. TransformELT conducted their discovery sessions with emotional intelligence and forensic attention to detail. They were a real pleasure to deal with and impressed me with how they combine academic leadership, market knowledge and friendly manners. The recommendations they provided lay the groundwork to define, design and deliver the future development plans for our organization.

Francesco Cendron

CEO Conlan Schools, UK

Conlan School
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