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The dance of change : Transitioning to teaching online

Alan Mackenzie’s was delighted to be the opening keynote speaker at the Community College of Qatar 2nd recent Annual International (Virtual) English Language Teaching Symposium

Covid response has been likened by Dr. Anthony Fauci as a dance. As it changes, we have to respond. As in society, so it is with education systems. Teachers need to learn this ability to dance in and out of the classroom, move online when necessary, and teach to remote learners as well as those in class in front of them. The pandemic has irrevocably changed teaching and has the potential to unleash higher standards of learning and teaching, catering more to learners with diverse needs and, potentially, a boost for girls education…if we get it right. 

The UN’s call to ‘build back better’ requires clear plans for infrastructure investment and training. This requires close monitoring, and we need to ensure that finances previously squandered on education change projects does not again fall into the black hole that is education funding. This presentation describes how education systems around the world are taking an evolutionary leap towards a new vision for education. We will look at what this brave move requires in terms of support for systemic change and infrastructure, as well as how this affects the day-to-day job of teachers, and what that might mean for pre-service teacher preparation.

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