Monitoring & Evaluation

Morocco – Curriculum for pre-service English Teachers

TransformELT was commissioned to provide an evaluation of the current pre-service training offered to teachers by the Ministry of Education (working with British Council) and to then make recommendations for a new pilot curriculum. The work was undertaken in full partnership with the MoE, with whom results were shared and jointly disseminated to stakeholders. The […]

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Uruguay – Ceibal Programme Evaluation

This project, currently in progress, involves a deep dive evaluation of the British Council Ceibal en Inglés programme, drawing from existing monitoring evidence and reports to create a narrative which demonstrates achievement on the field of English Language Teaching through delivering the Ceibal en Inglés programme in Uruguay and the contribution of the British Council

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Nepal – English Language Teacher Education Project (ELTEP) Evaluation Report

In December 2021 we were engaged to collate all the available information from base, mid and endline data ELTEP and write a comprehensive report for external audiences. A second set of internal recommendations were shared in a separate document. The report evaluated the project activities. Baseline and endline data included APTIS test scores and classroom

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France: Training for CLIL Teachers

The Ministry of Education in France is experimenting with implementing CLIL in upper primary and lower secondary schools. The aim is to develop international education in state schools across Île de France. In Creteil and Versailles the focus will be on improving the quality of subject teaching in English as well as developing international and

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Ukraine: PRESETT Programme

In May 2019, Alan Mackenzie visited four universities in Ukraine in different cities (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Uman and Vinnytsia) to evaluate the PRESETT programme. This aimed to transform the pre-services teacher preparation course for English language teachers in Pedagogical Universities across Ukraine. An online survey of teachers and students comparing the traditional methodology course with the

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Bangladesh: Programme Evaluation

Emma-Sue Prince Director, Unimenta Alan was great to work with on this project. His fieldwork and data collection were consistently of exceptionally high quality and carried out with great understanding of local context and background. His analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data was astute, articulate and accurate and this was crucial for the resulting

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Ethiopia Teacher

Ethiopia: Building a Culture of Coaching

In partnership with NILE, TransformELT wholly managed the BCCEPS project in 2018-19 with Sarah Mount as Project Manager and Alan Mackenzie as Academic Manager. Susan Bardhun (Team Leader) and David Watkins (Assistant Team Leader) conducted a two-week needs analysis of School Supervisors in October 2018. In November and December, two two-week training courses were held

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Georgia: Teaching & Learning in VE

Alan Mackenzie conducted an initial scoping study to identify the current state of teaching and learning of English in six vocational colleges across the country. Based on his findings, he developed a theory of change and formulated a series of recommendations. Following this, a number of projects related to implementing this change process were defined.

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Kazakhstan: English for Success Evaluation

TransformELT’s Alan Mackenzie was engaged to measure the impact of the “English for Success” project in Kazakhstan. Over a two-week period visiting schools in and around the Atyrau area, he identified areas of success and learning in the project, in addition to reviewing an evaluation framework and related set of evaluation tools which were used

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