Philippa Burrows

Philippa Burrows has been in ELT for 15 years, following a career as a secondary languages teacher and Curriculum Manager in the UK. Since living and working for several years in Italy, and working as a volunteer primary teacher in rural Tanzania and Sri Lanka, Philippa’s main interest has been in training teachers and trainers …

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Helen Callanan

Helen Callanan

Helen Callanan works as a freelance educational consultant and has worked on diverse educational projects in ELT, linguistics, institutional mapping, training, curriculum and materials development, social inclusion and education in emergencies. She has gained experience in institutional mapping and curriculum design as a senior trainer, senior training needs assessor, vocational English language course designer and …

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Martyn Clarke

Martyn Clarke

Martyn Clarke has been an ELT professional for 30 years and in more than fifteen countries in UK, Europe, Central America and Africa. As a consultant teacher trainer and advisor he has experience in numerous education development projects around the world including both pre-service and in-service programmes in Ethiopia, Laos, Djibouti and Mexico.  He has …

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Peter Clements

Peter Clements has been involved in ELT for around 15 years. He has taught in Hungary, Spain, South Korea, Vietnam, the UK and Thailand where he spent many years with the British Council. He currently teaches EAL and iGCSE ESL at an international school in Bangkok. Pete’s hold various qualifications, including a DipTESOL, MA in …

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Tom Connelly

Tom Connelly

Tom Connelly is based in Chile where he has lived for the past 18 years and is interested in “bottom up” teacher CPD. He is a highly experienced and dedicated teacher trainer, university professor, researcher and project coordinator, working as an ELT Specialist for the British Council (2010-2015), coordinating projects such as Champion Teachers (Exploratory …

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Fiona Connolly

Fiona Connolly Fiona Connolly is an international ELT consultant currently based in Ireland. She has been involved in training and development on a number of Educational Reform projects for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level teachers from China, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Lebanon, Turkey, UAE, Peru, India, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and South Sudan. She is also an experienced …

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Jill Coombs

Jill Coombs has spent her professional life working in the area of communication through theatre, film, TV and education. She has taught performance, drama, English language and literature at universities, colleges and schools in the UK, where she obtained an MA from Goldsmith’s College and a PGCE from the Institute of Education, University of London.In …

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Hugh Dellar

Hugh Dellar

Hugh Dellar is a teacher and teacher trainer with over twenty years’ experience in the field. He is also the co-founder of Lexical Lab and has co-written the methodology book Teaching Lexically. Hugh has given teacher training and development sessions in over twenty countries including Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Japan and Thailand. He has spoken on …

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Phil Dexter

Phil Dexter worked for the British Council for 28 years as a teacher, trainer, and educational consultant in the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America until August 2019 and is now a freelance educational consultant. Phil’s experience is mainly in working with primary and secondary school sectors and has a strong track record in …

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Kieran Donaghy

Kieran Donaghy

Kieran Donaghy has been involved in English language teaching since 1989. He has held teaching, teacher training and academic management posts in the UK, Italy, Portugal and Spain. He currently teaches and trains teachers at UAB Languages Barcelona, part of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has a special interest in the use of film …

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