Ukraine: PRESETT Programme

In May 2019, Alan Mackenzie visited four universities in Ukraine in different cities (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Uman and Vinnytsia) to evaluate the PRESETT programme. This aimed to transform the pre-services teacher preparation course for English language teachers in Pedagogical Universities across Ukraine. An online survey of teachers and students comparing the traditional methodology course with the …

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English Connects: West Africa

This large scale, multi-pronged British Council intervention in West Africa is part of DIT and FCO’s push to expand UK culture and trade links around the world. There are currently 18 separate projects working in nine different countries. The three projects we are involved in all work across multiple locations. They aim to build sustainable …

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BC Global Products

BC Global Products: MyClass

In mid-2018, Alan Pulverness conducted a comprehensive review of the syllabus for a British Council flagship global product for adult learners. This was a non-linear, four-level set of teaching materials with 120 lessons at each level in theme-based blocks of 4 lessons. The syllabus had been developed in separate versions by British Council teacher-writers in …

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BC Global Products

BC Global Products: Upper Secondary Plus

In late 2017, early 2018, TransformELT’s Alan Mackenzie and Alan Pulverness wrote the syllabus documents for the new British Council flagship global product for teen English language learners: Upper Secondary Plus (USP). This is a six-level series (B1, B1+, B2, B2+, C1, C1+) with ten learning units each, all based around separate content themes. A …

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Kuwait: Scoping Study for the SACGC

In June 2017, TransformELT was invited by the British Council to help the Sabah Al Ahmad Centre for Giftedness and Creativity (SACGC) to achieve its aims of preparing gifted students to be of an appropriate level to enter overseas universities by high school graduation. Staff at the centre completed a project scoping questionnaire in August …

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Kazakhstan: Training CLIL Trainers

Kazakhstan is at the beginning of the implementation of a trilingual education system. This will involve mother tongue Kazakh speakers learning Russian, Russian speakers learning Kazakh and both of these groups learning English. The aim is to move from segregated Russian and Kazakh medium schools towards a fully integrated, internationalised system of education with specific …

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Kazakhstan: English for Success Evaluation

TransformELT’s Alan Mackenzie was engaged to measure the impact of the “English for Success” project in Kazakhstan. Over a two-week period visiting schools in and around the Atyrau area, he identified areas of success and learning in the project, in addition to reviewing an evaluation framework and related set of evaluation tools which were used …

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Greece: Exploring Institutional Change

In 2018 TransformELT provided a consultancy for QLS, an association of 31 private language schools in Greece. QLS were seeking an innovative approach to curriculum renewal that would energise their teachers, motivate their young learners and give them a distinctive place in the Greek language teaching market. Alan Mackenzie and Alan Pulverness visited Athens in …

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Georgia: Teaching & Learning in VE

Alan Mackenzie conducted an initial scoping study to identify the current state of teaching and learning of English in six vocational colleges across the country. Based on his findings, he developed a theory of change and formulated a series of recommendations. Following this, a number of projects related to implementing this change process were defined. …

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