Dan O'Toole

Thorsten Merse

Thorsten Merse is a Professor of EFL Education with a special focus on Anglophone Literatures and Cultures. He is located at the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE), Germany. His main interests lie in research, teaching, and teacher education include sexual and gender diversity as well as queer perspectives on ELT, and more recently, also digital teaching […]

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Fiona Pape

Fiona Pape is a coach and consultant with an extensive background in Education/ELT in International Development and a marketing and communications specialist. Over her 23-year career with the British Council, Fiona enjoyed several overseas assignments as regional Head of English for Education Systems, working with Ministries of Education. And, with over 12 years in the

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Ginny Rowlands

Ginny Rowlands is an international ELT (English Language Teaching) consultant with over 30 years’ experience working with the British Council as a teacher, a teacher educator and latterly as a business and project leader. Her work has taken her to 9 countries in South America, South Asia, Europe, East Asia and Middle East North Africa

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Linda Ruas

Linda Ruas has been teaching English and training teachers for over 35 years, in several countries, including Brazil, Japan and Guinea-Bissau and now teaches ESOL and CELTA in a College of Further Education in London. She has run DELTA courses, worked as Director of Studies of a private ELT school, writes teaching materials, and runs

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Mike Shreeve

Mike Shreeve’s first teaching job was as a Mathematics and Economics teacher in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and then he taught for a time in secondary schools in the UK . More recently he has trained teachers in Italy, Bulgaria, France and Slovakia and other European countries and recently returned to Ethiopia as part of

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Mental Health Community

In Globe, in recognition of the building pressures on language teachers around the world, we commissioned the Mental Health Professional Learning Community. Run by Phil Longwell, this is an active group that discusses risks, mitigations and strategies for supporting mental health across the profession.

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Krzysztof Strzemeski

Krzysztof Strzemeski Having spent many years doing pre-service and in-service training in the Polish context, around 2013, he also began giving CPD courses in various countries, which have included Albania, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Thailand, and Turkey. From this exposure to the diversity of educational needs, contexts and cultures, he derives deep professional satisfaction, energy,

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Rosie Tanner

Rosie Tanner is a British freelance consultant in CLIL, (video) coaching and English language teaching, living and working in Amersfoort, a pretty mediaeval town in the Netherlands. Her work Making real connections with people – that’s what work is about for her. Connecting in order to develop professionally – in education. She trains teachers and

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Julie Wallis

Julie Wallis is the Director of The London School in Thiene, Italy. She is AISLi President, an Eaquals trustee and sits on the board of International House London. She has extensive experience in leadership and academic management. Over the past thirty-five years she has delivered plenary presentations, workshops and training courses on academic management, methodology,

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Stephanie Wilbur

Stephanie Wilbur is a teacher trainer and young learner specialist who has over 15 years’ experience in ELT, as teacher of adults, young learners and very young learners, academic manager, coordinator, examiner, and teacher educator. She has trained teachers on internationally accredited courses such as TKT, CELTA, TYLEC, and Train-the-trainer. She has trained in-service primary

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