An Interview with Sherri Leibert-Fujita

Sherri Leibert-Fujita is a teaching centre manager in a migrant education centre in Spokane Washington. In this conversation she describes the journey her school has taken over the past few months to move online, and looks into what the future might look like.

An additional thread of discussion looks at the effect of the Trump administration on the migrant student population, and how it is building a toxic environment for foreign students in general. This potentially has the likelihood of a greater impact than Covid 19.

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Sherri Leibert-Fujita is the third in our series of weekly interviews with ELT professionals discussing how we are responding to the COVID 19 crisis, and what our industry might look like once the crisis passes. Each month, we will be also be hosting a live panel discussion where you can comment and put questions to the interviewees that we are talking to. Further details about that will be published on our facebook page and through email alerts

Sources of information about face masks with transparent panels designed primarily for deaf people to lip read – e.g.

Evidence of the toxic relationship between the current US administration and foreign students:

U.S. says foreign students may have to leave if their school goes online-only
ICE says foreign students taking online-only classes in the fall can’t remain in the U.S.

and how higher ed is fighting back:

Harvard and MIT are suing ICE to block its order forcing international students to leave the US if their course is online-only

President Responds to International Student Policy

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