An Interview with Nicky Hockly

Nicky talks to Alan Mackenzie about both the technological and human side of being an English language teacher during Covid times. 

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Nicky Hockly is the second in our series of weekly interviews with ELT professionals discussing how we are responding to the COVID 19 crisis, and what our industry might look like once the crisis passes. Each month, we will be also be hosting a live panel discussion where you can comment and put questions to the interviewees that we are talking to. Further details about that will be published on our facebook page and through email alerts

Additional information on some of the topics in the interview:

The Consultants E online training course: Teaching Live Online:

Platforms for teaching online:

This article by Fadi Yarak, Director General in the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education and Victoria Collis on the management challenges of shutting schools, while trying to keep learning going. It identified five lessons that could be applied to most, if not all, crisis situations:

Radio 4: All in the Mind: The power of nature.

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