An Interview with Harry Kuchah

Having worked in the field of English language education and Applied Linguistics for 15 years, as an English language teacher, teacher trainer, and policy maker in his home country, Cameroon, Harry moved to the UK and worked in the universities of Warwick, Sheffield and Bath. Currently in the University of Leeds, he has worked on school-based literacy support with young learners in the UK as well as in-service teacher education and material development projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. He has served as a Consultant for the Council of Europe in Albania and for Windle Trust International and ELT Consultants in Sudan, and Africa TESOL.

Harry is currently Vice President of IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language); Joint-Coordinator of the Teaching English in Large Classes Research Network (TELCNet), and one of TESOL International Association’s ’30 Upcoming Leaders’ in the TESOL Profession.

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Harry is the seventh in our series of weekly interviews with ELT professionals discussing how we are responding to the COVID 19 crisis, and what our industry might look like once the crisis passes. Each month, we will be also be hosting a live panel discussion where you can comment and put questions to the interviewees that we are talking to. Further details about that will be published on our facebook page and through ema


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