An Interview with Elizaveta Paremuzova

Elizaveta (Lisa) Paremuzova is a freelance teacher, trainer and educational consultant based in Moscow. Formerly the editor of a professional journal for English language teachers, Lisa was a leading member of the British Council’s BritLit project (2010-11), and more recently has undergone training in psychology.

In this discussion, Lisa talks about her experience during lockdown of teaching online, focusing particularly on the psychological and emotional effects on her teenage learners of learning in isolation. Her examples are a valuable reminder of the impact on learning for students deprived of normal social interaction, and she describes ways in which she has attempted to ‘humanize’ her online teaching, and how she strives for greater empathy with her learners. 

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Elizaveta is the sixth in our series of weekly interviews with ELT professionals discussing how we are responding to the COVID 19 crisis, and what our industry might look like once the crisis passes. Each month, we will be also be hosting a live panel discussion where you can comment and put questions to the interviewees that we are talking to. Further details about that will be published on our facebook page and through email 

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