An Interview with Chris Graham

Chris is an ELT consultant, trainer, writer and speaker, UK-based but operating globally in a range of locations around the world, especially fragile conflict or post-conflict environments characterised by very challenging on-ground circumstances. He has been involved in projects in over 30 countries and have worked in this field since 1981.

The perspective he takes in this interview, is an environmental one. After Daniel Barber declared an ELT climate emergency last year in Barcelona, they, along with Kath Bilsborough and Ceri Jones, set up ELTFootprint as a hashtag, a website,, and a facebook group. ELTFootprint is a networking group for teachers interested in promoting and dealing with environmental issues in and out of class.

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Chris Graham is the fifth in our series of weekly interviews with ELT professionals discussing how we are responding to the COVID 19 crisis, and what our industry might look like once the crisis passes. Each month, we will be also be hosting a live panel discussion where you can comment and put questions to the interviewees that we are talking to. Further details about that will be published on our facebook page and through email alerts

Christopher Graham’s Teacher Development Blog:

Daniel Barber is a teacher, teacher trainer and writer with twenty years’ experience in the classroom. He writes for Macmillan and Richmond and, with Duncan Foord, runs a blog LearnerCoachingELT ( He appears regularly on, at conferences, and he occasionally tweets @BarberDaniel. British Council Covid 19 Insight Reports:

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