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Amina Douidi

Amina Douidi Photo - March 2024

Dr Amina Douidi

is a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI), and Intercultural Communication consultant in ELT. She holds a PhD in Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics from the University of Southampton and a joint MA from Tlemcen University (Algeria) and the University of Balearic Islands (Spain). Her scholarly interests focus on gender equity, anti-racism, intercultural communication, and global citizenship in language education, particularly in the MENA region and the broader Global South. She is an associate fellow of AdvanceHE with 8 years of experience working as an EAP pre-sessional tutor in UK HE institutions. She also serves as the incoming co-Chair of the TESOL Intercultural Communication Interest Section, aspiring to broaden the participation of scholars from the Global South.

As a freelance DEI consultant in ELT, Amina collaborates with publishers and education service providers to establish research-informed DEI strategies and editorial policies. She supports teachers and publishing professionals in implementing DEI and inclusive practices in their English and French curricula through reviews, training, and consultancy services.

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