November 2021

Angelos Bollas

Angelos Bollas

Angelos Bollas has been in ELT since 2006. He now works on Cambridge CELTA courses and as a freelancer offering in-service teacher training programs to teachers, managers, and institutions, focusing on LGBTQI+ inclusive education, teacher development, and course design. After having taught general English and exam preparation classes, Angelos focused on English for Academic Purposes, […]

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Tom Bolton

Tom Bolton is a trainer and manager with over 20 years’ experience in ELT, as teacher of adults and teens, Cambridge and IELTS examiner, academic manager and school director.  He has been based in Ecuador since 2001 and has trained teachers on internationally-recognised courses and qualifications including TKT, CELT-Primary and CELT-Secondary and TrinityCert, as well

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Jane Boylan

Jane Boylan is an ELT professional, with over twenty years’ experience in English Language teaching, teacher training and materials development. Formerly, she worked on British Council teacher development projects in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand, managing, writing and delivering a diverse range of training courses to state sector primary and secondary teachers of English.

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Marta Bujakowska

Marta Bujakowska is a freelance teacher and teacher trainer from Poland with strong intercultural focus and special interest in reflective teaching and learner autonomy. Her teaching career started after her first trip abroad to England many years ago. She has been travelling extensively ever since. Most of her journeys have had serious educational value and

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Deborah Bullock

Deborah Bullock (MA TESOL) is an ELT professional with over 30 years’ experience in English language teaching and teacher development. Formerly, she worked with British Council in a range of contexts – teaching, training and managing teachers and YL programmes. She has also worked in the private sector and on academic programmes in FE and

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Philippa Burrows

Philippa Burrows has been in ELT for 15 years, following a career as a secondary languages teacher and Curriculum Manager in the UK. Since living and working for several years in Italy, and working as a volunteer primary teacher in rural Tanzania and Sri Lanka, Philippa’s main interest has been in training teachers and trainers

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Helen Callanan

Helen Callanan

Helen Callanan works as a freelance educational consultant and has worked on diverse educational projects in ELT, linguistics, institutional mapping, training, curriculum and materials development, social inclusion and education in emergencies. She has gained experience in institutional mapping and curriculum design as a senior trainer, senior training needs assessor, vocational English language course designer and

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Caetano Capitão

Caetano Capitão has an MA in English Language Teaching Methodology from ISCED-Luanda (Angola). He has thirty-two years of experience in teaching. He is a co-founder member of ANELTA (Angolan English Language Teachers´ Association) and its third President. Currently he is a lecturer at ISCED-Luanda.

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